Biofertilizer: Fermented remineralizing superphosphate

Screen shot 2011-11-23 at 12.33.25 PMBiofertilizer is one giant solution towards regaining farmer independence from expensive and destructive fertilizer companies.  It is essentially all things good for the underfoot, unseen universe of soil and plant life. Better and cheaper for you and your soil food web.



A two month fermentation process of this tasty brew allows your yeast (fungi) and lactobacillus (bacteria) to digest the molasses (N), rock phosphate(P), wood ashes (K). Basalt dust is added for its high silica content and ability to increase the paramagnetism of soil.

For more on paramagnetism and the wonderful world that it opens look into Phil Callahan’s books and Dr. Arden Anderson’s.  In addition it is high in B vitamins and simple carbohydrates and like all fine brews it gets better the longer it is aged.

This barrel is the momma bird for your plants. It predigests all the materials before we finally pop the cork, dilute it, oxygenate it through flow forms, and spray it as a foliar spray for trees, grasses, and crops.

IMG_5071 IMG_5066

Matthew out spraying the biofertilizer. Thanks for spraying those final barrels. Looks like its time for a rebrew.


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