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holistic framework

partnering for success.

With three core partners to each endeavor, our projects aim to connect landowners with able-bodied and open-minded people. These individuals are armed with the education and possess the motivation necessary to successfully regenerate overgrazed and underutilized lands, and start a new trail for productive systems of food-based agroforestry.

youth - Serving as the foundation of our creative and innovative frontiers, these future leaders carry with them a wholly unrestrained imagination. These young minds and bodies are eagerly waiting to be molded and given focus as the future stewards of our planet. We make it our goal to nurture the high school youths that are willing and motivated to make a difference.

soldiers - These principle-driven and hard-working students aspire to learn time-tested methods for regenerating land. We welcome to our team those who dare to stand up and fight for what they believe in. These individuals choose to explore, discover and push the boundaries of their mental and physical limits while living a life full of purpose.

elders - The natives in our partnerships. They know which way the water flows and where the first grasses grow. These sages have acquired invaluable insights and offer unique perspectives, because they have witnessed firsthand what came before and the direction we have progressed. Without first looking through the eyes of our elders, we cannot hope to move forward.

permaculture ethics
Permaculture Ethics

our framework for decision making.

quality of life (we value).

  • - people with passion
  • - healthy bodies
  • - balanced lives
  • - clear communication
  • - financial stability
  • - meaningful work
  • - fun days

forms of production (we must create).

  • - effective whole-systems planning to achieve our mission
  • - creative environments that promote risk-taking
  • - an open, safe and learning-centered atmosphere
  • - proper management of available financial, social and ecological assets
  • - activities that foster excitement and laughter

future resource base (we must have).

  • - successful partnerships
  • - stable and expanding networks of financial supporters
  • - proven track record
  • - positive community relations
  • - effective maintenance of physical assets within our current 'Circle of Influence'
  • - a proper understanding and respect for 'Life’s Principles'
life principles
life principles

our current site.

Our current site of land regeneration is on 130 acres of Hill Country caliche soil, just outside of Blanco, TX. In 2012, we will begin developing rainwater harvesting systems as well as building bacterial and fungal soil communities through the distribution of berms, keyline ponds, biochar and compost teas. In 2013, our focus will turn to seeding systems with plant and animal life.

We hope we have grabbed your attention because... We want you, your land resources, your soldiers and your youth! Only together will we successfully grow...

  • - water
  • - soil
  • - seeds
  • - worms
  • - fish
  • - vegetables
  • - herbs
  • - trees
  • - fruits
  • - nuts
  • - bees
  • - bats
  • - forests
  • - pigs
  • - goats
  • - cattle
  • - chicken
  • - grasslands

"I seek through comprehensive anticipatory design science and its reductions to physical practices to reform the environment instead of trying to reform humans, being intent thereby to accomplish prototyped capabilities of doing more with less…" - Buckminster Fuller, 1947

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